Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hot Water or Tea After Each Meal

Have you considered hot water or tea after each meal? You know why Old Chinese people are not sickly? It is because of their habit of drinking hot water or tea after every meal instead of cold or ice cold water.

A study was made in China which proves that there is really a connection
between hot water or tea and sickness. It was concluded that during digestion process, fats and oils are being extracted from our food in our stomach. If after each meal we used to drink cold water, those fats and oils harden and clog the walls of our intestines (walls of our intestines have small pores that absorbs vitamins, minerals and etc.). It obstructs the vitamins and mineral being absorb by our body. Instead of being absorb, it is flush out of our body as waste. On the other hand, drinking hot water or tea after each meal, the oils and fats do not harden and is being maintained as liquid thus it does not harden and clog the walls of our intestines. With this, more vitamins and minerals are absorb by our system and the fats and oils are flush out as waste.

Most of us now are into cold carbonated beverages and this will alleviate the situation. But its not too late to start drinking hot water or hot tea. If we want to be healthy, let us start and change our eating habits. In turn, it will make our body healthy and live longer.

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