Friday, July 2, 2010

Alternative Medicine - Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is an ancient system of treatment involving the use of plants, or substances extracted from them. Many drugs used by doctors today are also derived from plants , but herbalist use them in their natural, unrefined, unconcentrated form; they consider that in this way, side effects are balanced.

Herbal medicine are administered in infusions, decoction, liquid medicines, tablets or creams.Herbal medicine is a complementary of the orthodox and western medical treatment.

In most areas here in the Philippines, Herbal medicine is widely used. There are professional doctors who specialize in this field and they develop their own medicine from herbs and plants. From medicine, today there are soaps that are infused with herbs for added benefits. Shampoos followed for better looking and healthy hair.

If you think you're not using any of these herbs and plants, think again. It is widely used and most of us don't know that we are using it.

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