Saturday, July 17, 2010

Benefits of Gardening

Having fresh air to breath not only makes your body healthy it also refreshes your soul. Observe, when you’re on a trip by land and you passes by a place with many trees and plants, see how it felt good smelling fresh air with the scent of nature. You can achieve this similar feeling by planting trees, plants and vegetables around your backyard. Fill open spaces of your area with plants, it can make your home more beautiful; plants will provide you fresher air plus Mother Nature will be happier.
For some, like me, gardening is a therapy. Every time I plant, I feel good, realizing that this plant will ultimately have a little part in preserving our beloved nature; and this little part will become big if everybody participates in protecting the nature. Moreover, plants for me have positive energy that makes me happy. I think there are a lot of advantages in gardening and I will enumerate some to encourage you to plant;

1.       Plants make your home beautiful;
2.       Plants will provide you fresh air which ultimately benefits you and your family;
3.       It helps our Mother Nature;
4.       It prevents soil erosion in the garden;
5.       It makes you feel good since gardening is an efficient way to reduce stress;
6.       It physically helps your body in the form of exercise;
7.       When you plant vegetables or fruit-bearing trees, it will provide you food.

When you have smaller backyard or area you can try planting in pots, just arrange it properly so as not to make your space crowded. Anyway, plants will not grow bigger if you plant them in pots except if you place them into huge pots. But if you have larger area, it is much better; you can even plant vegetables, herbs or fruit-bearing trees. Try planting now and experience the good feeling I’m talking about.

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