Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kalingag (Cinnamomum mercadoi Vidal Lauraceae)

Kalingag as is known in the Philippines is a medium size tree with relatively thick, aromatic bark. It reaches a diameter of 60 cm and sometime more. Its bark is gray, without fissures or cracks and covered irregularly with cork pustules, which give it a slightly rough appearance. The leaves are smooth, opposite, elliptical , 7-14 cm long and 3-6.5 cm wide; apex is acute, tip is rounded; texture is leathery; both faces are glabrous, the upper face is shiny while the lower has glaucous ochre bloom.

Its medicinal values are; Its bark, when masticated and taken internally, helps in digestion. It is also used for flatulence (gas accumulation in the alimentary canal) ans as expectorant. It is used for tuberculosis and as a remedy for headaches and rheumatism.


  1. Hello,

    I work for ARKive, a UK-based charity that aims to promote conservation through the use of wildlife imagery (see for more information). I'd really like to include your photo of Cinnamomum mercadoi in ARKive as it is listed on the IUCN Red List.

    If you would be happy to donate your image, please contact me on the below email address.

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    Bonnie Metherell

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  2. Can you help me find seedling of Kalingag? I want to plant this in our farm. Im from Pasig. Very helpful for type 2 diabetic. Thanks