Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silence, Meditation for the Soul

I don't know if you'll agree, but I think sometimes we also wanted to have our silent moment where we can ponder a lot of things, just relax or just do nothing at all. A Buddhist always do this when they meditate, but their manner of silence is quite unique. When they contemplate, they try to think nothing, gradually allowing their senses to loosen up until their mind will stop thinking about anything, similar to a blank paper. During this condition they achieve I guess what they call "enlightenment".

Have you ever experienced silence? There is a good feeling afterward that you can't explain, its beyond reason. I'm not sure if it applies to you but as for me it did. That's why when I have a chance, I try to have a moment alone, where there's no noise and you hear nothing. During this moment, a lot of affirmative things happen, I felt good and relief, feeling the peace in silence...and then I'll take a deep breath like letting positive things get in my body and the negative things out. In the course of my meditation, a lot of things comes in my mind like how blessed I am and should be thankful for numerous blessings I received from God; I can't understand, but all that I can think of or reflect are positive idea, maybe that's the reason why I find peace in silence and felt good after. It's really an amazing experience and I hope everybody will experience it too!

We all have different thought of silence, it depends on what silence is for you, you may even have or achieve silence even in a loud or noisy situation. Whatever it is, it is worth living through.


  1. Here at my summer house it is almost complete silence,500 m to the nearest house..

  2. That is a great place. Sometimes, we really need to feel ourselves and feel the silence within.

  3. We do need to pause and rest.