Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dengue Cases Going Up

Dengue cases are going up in all areas of the Philippines. Some of the provinces already declared state of calamity due to this disease. There is an increase of almost 200% from previous year (2009). And the worst thing is, it kills. Death due to Dengue is increasing.

Local government are encouraging local communities to clean their surroundings. There is a clean up drive called "4 o'clock habit" where residents are urge to clean everyday at 4 pm. This is very effective since constant cleaning eliminates stagnant water where these mosquitoes, the carrier of dengue, breeds. Fogging is also done to ensure death of adult mosquitoes.

Dengue is prone to tropical countries like Philippines. Every rainy season, where water is abundant, dengue carrying mosquitoes attacks. This is the time where they can breed and propagate.

The only solution is to clean your surroundings to prevent these mosquitoes to lay eggs. With no place to breed, eventually they will perished.

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